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 We are raising $10,000 to fight the stigma and discrimination that sex workers face and challenge the laws and policies that put sex workers in harm's way. The money we raise will go directly toward implementing a national strategy developed by and for sex workers to advocate for our rights. Locally, it will contribute to POWER's initiatives to combat stigma and support sex worker-positive services in our community.




As a nonprofit volunteer organization, POWER relies on the generous support of individuals and organizations that share our vision of a society in which sex workers are able to work in safety and dignity. Your support allows us, among other things, to:

- advocate for sex worker rights in the media and with politicians and the police
- organize rallies, marches and demonstrations to draw attention to the issues faced by sex workers
- pay the legal disbursement fees incurred by the amazing lawyers who donate their time to represent us when we intervene in the courts or before human rights tribunals to support sex worker rights
- pay the costs associated with research on the lives and realities of sex workers in Ottawa-Gatineau
- host social, community-building and skill-building events for sex workers in Ottawa-Gatineau
- and maintain our website as a source of information and resources for sex workers and their allies.

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We regret that as a non-charitable non-profit principally engaged in advocacy, Canada's tax laws do not allow us to issue a tax receipt for your donation. Rest assured, however, that your donation will make a difference!