POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau Work Educate & Resist) is a non-profit, voluntary organization founded on February 17th, 2008. Membership is open to individuals of all genders who self-identify as former or current sex workers, regardless of the industry sector in which they work(ed) (i.e. dancers, street level workers, in and out call workers, phone sex, etc.) and to allies who share our vision.

We envision a society in which sex workers are able to practice their professions free of legal and social discrimination, victimization, harassment and violence and in which sex work is valued as legitimate and fulfilling work making an important contribution to society.


POWER believes that...
• Sex work is honourable, valuable work worthy of celebration.
• Sex workers are entitled to the same legal and human rights as any other persons in Canada and the same labour rights as any other
   persons working in Canada.
• The criminalization of sex workers, their partners, clients and families is unacceptable. The decriminalization of sex work is imperative.
• Sex workers are the experts about the industry and must be actively and meaningfully included in the development of policies that
   affect them.
• Misconceptions about sex work undermine the well being, safety and health of sex workers.
• Fighting for sex workers’ rights is part of a broader movement for social justice.
• By fighting for sex worker’s rights we are contributing to the formation of strong, safe communities for everyone.
• We must develop strategies to minimize the violence experienced by sex workers.